A startup or an established, any business may fail without having the right tools, resources and processes in place. Understanding your financial operations is critical or you won’t be able to achieve the desired outcomes.

Bikham Finance enables businesses to develop and implement strategies to effectively manage financial processes by meeting compliance requirements and ensuring efficient business practices.

The range of efficient financial operations that we handle are

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Payable and Receivables Management
  • Funds Management

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

It is important that the accountant you work with understands your financial requirements, grabs opportunities for success and snap out vulnerabilities to point your business in the right direction. The bitter truth- It’s hard to find such a CPA.

But as they say, exceptions find a way, so does Bikham Finance! With us, this hypothetical dream becomes a reality. Bikham offers expert outsourced accounting for CPAs to help them increase accuracy and bring a positive difference in their business. We keep everything pretty simple, practical, efficient and affordable.

Business owners, managers and entrepreneurs deal with multifaceted financial obligations and bookkeeping issues like maintaining financial records, computing payroll and income taxes accurately, and generating financial statements regularly.

The professional CPAs at Bikham Finance, free up time so you can run your business more efficiently, with cost-effective business accounting and bookkeeping services. Our broad experience in several accounting software can help transform your transactions into accurate accounting, valuable reports, and information that you would need to run your business seamlessly.

You get more than just an accountant when you work with us. Our professional and certified accountants utilize your financial details to make big-picture recommendations by implementing suitable accounting treatment for complex issues. We strive to keep your business ahead by acknowledging unique situations surrounding it and being mindful of the competitive and economic trends that impact it directly.

Some of our inclusive Outsourced Accounting Services are

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping.
  • Regular financial statement generation and compilation.
  • Bank accounts and credit card reconciliation.
  • Accounts receivable and payable management.
  • General ledger review and cleanup.
  • Revenue, Expenses and Cash Flow projection.
  • Monthly and annual expenses planning.
  • Business Start-up and Entity Analytics.

And, much more.

Our expert accounting and bookkeeping services also enable faster decision-making through real-time financial reporting. Our accounting platform delivers profitable services by leveraging the best accounting software like Peachtree, QuickBooks, and SAP, etc.


Payroll Processing involves tedious routine work. Bikham Finance has the ability to handle all the intricate tasks associated with it.

Bikham Finance’s secure and reliable payroll processing services keeps track of details like automatic deductions from paychecks, tax withholding, changing employee rosters, work hours and more. It hardly matters if you already have an electronic payroll processing system in place, we will align our resourses with yours for a smooth transition.

The team at Bikham Finance periodicaly calculates the amount that your employees should be paid during each pay period. This is done only after taking hourly rates and salaries, shift differentials and overtime, federal, state and local taxes relevant to a business into account. We also file reports on a quarterly and year-end basis.

Bikham Finance delivers the most resourceful, comprehensive and cost-effective outsourced payroll services for your business or firm with the help of a motivated team of highly skilled professionals and seasoned accounting managers.

Few of the services that you can expect from us are

  • Payday Emails.
  • Direct Deposit in multiple accounts.
  • Payroll Adjustments.
  • Off-Cycle Payment Services.
  • Earnings and Deduction Management.
  • Payroll General Ledger Posting.
  • Eliminated hassles of handling payroll in-house.
  • Handling compliances like PF, ESI, LWF and TDS.

Accounts Payable and Receivables Management

Being informed of what you owe and what is owed to you can be the difference between making profits and being in loss. In order to better understand the financial health of your business, it is important that you are aware of the AR and AP numbers.

Managing accounts payable and receivables accurately can help boost cash flow and improve client relations. It can also help you gain a tighter control over the invoice management process, making you expedite payments and clear out any liabilities on your head.

Keeping a close eye on these things can be difficult especially with increased business responsibilities. That is why Bikham Finance offers its services to help business owners look after their accounts efficiently.

Where setting up an in-house team of accountants to look after your account numbers can be expensive, time-consuming and inefficient in some cases, outsourcing the same would expose you to the services of experts. You would not need to deal with the outdated records and waste time on the manual invoice approval process.

Outsourcing your Accounts receivable and payable services to Bikham Finance will let you focus more on end result. Avoiding instances of non-payment or over-payment, our team helps strengthen your company’s financial position.

The team at Bikham Finance will allow you to

    • Streamline the supplier on-boarding process starting from data research and analysis to invoicing and payments.
    • Optimize the entire process workflow and improve your revenue position.
    • Improvise cash and working capital control.
    • Improve client servicing and satisfaction.
    • Minimize credit risks.

Funds Management

Funds management is an important task that ensures you build something to help you support business growth and development from the initial point. Effective management may require you to deal with different feeder structures, managed accounts and regulatory requirements.

With increased business responsibilities, it often becomes difficult to dedicate equal care and time to these back office functions. Bikham Finance manages client funds efficiently to achieve business objectives and fetch the best returns on business capital.

Get the Bikham advantage of professional funds management services, where all your set-up, support, maintenance, and consultancy functions are taken care of at a low operating cost! Whether you need reliable fund set up service or high-level expertise and knowledge to assist with meaningful financials, Bikham Finance can be the go to place for you. Our outsourced funds management services can help your business optimize overall financial performance at every stage.

Our funds management services include the following

  • Fund set up, administration and maintenance.
  • Liaison with investment managers, and other prospective clients.
  • Preparing distribution calculations and distribution statements for investors.
  • Valuations and formal process mapping and improvement.

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