In order to curb the infringement of a company’s internal processes with the legal regulations to maximum, it is imperative that the operative and administrative processes are in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Bikham Finance has several years of experience in the compliance management realm. Our experts can manage end-to-end compliance with the help of industry leading technology solutions to make business processes seamless. With our help you will be able to concentrate on business growth and development.

Bikham has the required expertise in offering customized outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services for CPAs and CPA firms. With a comprehensive range of available accounting and bookkeeping services that include basic accounting, bookkeeping, reconciliations, oversight services, and more, we can help structure your firm’s financial side.

Some of our comp_bg services that we offer are

  • Taxation
  • Secretarial (Incorporations and Filings)
  • Statutory Reporting

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Accurate tax preparation and processing requires in-depth knowledge of tax laws and filing procedures to mitigate the risks involved. Bikham Finance offers the expertise required to ensure maximum tax savings and incentives that can be legally possible.

We ensure the best practices in tax processing through proper audits and reviews. By exploring the possibilities and trends in global business we carry out our business in a better way. We can understand the pulse of global finance by sensing special needs and expectations that modern businesses hold.

Bikham Finance offers smart tax processing solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Our clientele also include not-for-profit entities, partnerships and large corporations across a variety of industries.

We have stringent quality assurance protocols in place to assure superior business taxation services. Bikham is also capable of providing immediate tax services, for situations with impending deadlines. We at Bikham Finance allow you to focus on core production related and revenue generating business processes while handling all the complexities of tax processing.

  • State and Federal Income Tax Filing.
  • Sales and Use Tax Filing.
  • Tangible/Property Tax Filing.
  • Complete Compliance to Tax Filing Requirements.
  • C Corp, S Corp and LLC Tax Filing.
  • TDS and Excise, Sales Service, Corporate Tax Processing
  • Tax Advisory Services

Secretarial (Incorporations and Filings)

You might need to file a number of annual forms and documents with the Registrar. You could also be required to file annual returns, financial statements in the prescribed manner. Now, all of these forms need to be certified by a CPA or a Company Secretary.

Getting all these things done might take a toll on your time and business processes. That’s why, Bikham Finance takes over your complete secretarial compliance services with respect to matters including operational requirements right from the initial stage.

With the help of seasoned accounting managers and financial advisors we offer an array of secretarial compliance services including:

  • Conversions, re-conversions and incorporation of public and private companies, limited by shares or guarantee.
  • Any modifications or change related to the name of company, objects, share value, office location, agreement terms, MOUs and association.
  • Allotment, transfer, division and conversion of shares in to stock or warrants. Issuing of share certificates, dematerialization and forfeiture of shares, etc.
  • Changes related to appointment, regularization, resignations or revision of salaries of employees, directors or managers.
  • Documents Preparation, Registration and Filing under Company Laws.
  • Filing returns with the Company Registrar.
  • And much more.

Our team can advise you on various compliance requirements under the companies act and assist you with complete range of secretarial compliance services.

Statutory Reporting

It is vital for businesses to accurately prepare statutory reporting obligations in this competitive business environment. To be able to do that, they must overcome the challenges imposed by time-consuming work, manual documentation processes and ever-changing regulations.

Bikham Finance helps business owners standardize the statutory reporting process. Our team understands the importance of financial data including accounting reports and offers assistance with interpretation and preparation of management reports that form the foundation of important managerial decisions.

Some of the components of our statutory reporting services include

  • Preparation of reports using data from Journal, General Ledger, Balance Sheets and P&L statements.
  • Filing and submission of Corporate Income Tax Returns and VAT returns.
  • Withholding Tax Return and Local Tax Return Filing.
  • Preparation of Annual Report.
  • Accounting policies and procedures set up.
  • Consolidation reports according to group requirements.

Our services range from reviewing financial statements for compliance with GAAP and IRS standards, preparing financial statements, and representing your business in case of an audit.

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