The U.S. tax environment changes regularly, leading to small business owners and individual taxpayers to almost panic every tax season. Most firms hire part-time or full-time tax-preparers to deal with the tax preparation workload. The challenge is to train them in a short period of time and to trust them with the most critical part of your offerings as a CPA firm. Adding to the uncertainty is a whole plethora of tax-preparation software suites out there.

While you may end up finding a very good tax-preparer for your firm to help you in the tax season, more often than not, he will not be proficient in the preparation software your firm relies upon. Our team of over 70 tax-preparers takes away all those uncertainties. We tailor the team assigned to you according to the industry verticals your firm caters to and the preparation techniques/software your firm relies upon, providing you a higher degree of assurance and error-free tax returns.

Being a CPA firm, we understand your sole objective is to maximize growth by significant reduction in operating costs and acquiring new clients. That is exactly what we strive towards and provide you with. The freedom and power to go out and get as many clients as you can without any uncertainty pertaining to how they will be serviced. We provide quality tax preparation and profitable tax planning strategies to minimize tax obligations for your clientele.

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Our tax experts offer a comprehensive range of tax related services like

  • Form 1040, 1040 A and 1040 EZ filing
  • C and S Corp income tax preparation
  • Tangible and Intangible tax returns
  • Capital Gains Taxes

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Some of the benefits that our clientele enjoys are

  • Minimized Tax Preparation costs.
  • Improved speed and turnaround time.
  • Improved stability with reduced failures.
  • Tax Compliance Handling and filing within deadlines.
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