It is cumbersome to manage employee payroll in different software for all your clients, while staying on top of everything related to it. Bikham Finance seamlessly manages payroll for all your clients respective to their requirements.

Outsourcing the payroll management for your clients will bring more efficiency into a practice’s core competency: client relations. At Bikham Finance, we manage payroll for varied business types with different pay cycles accurately, all the while ensuring state and federal payroll tax compliance.

For each of your clients, we will keep track of details like automatic deductions from paychecks for 401-K and W-2 deposits, tax withholding, changing employee rosters and hours, and more. We ensure everyone is paid on time and the taxes are prepared and submitted before deadline. Our payroll management services are designed to ease your burden and free up time for you to grow your CPA firm.

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With our team of payroll experts, we are able to offer the following range of services

  • Time and Attendance Services
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Leave Deductions and Extra Hours/Bonuses
  • Payroll Adjustment
  • Workers Compensation
  • Complete Access to payroll records

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Some of the benefits of our payroll services

  • Reduced in-house staff costs
  • Customized services for all your clients
  • Avoid IRS Penalties
  • Assured compliance across states and industry types
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