With great focus and dedication, every business reaches a stage where they experience growth. This growth leads to bringing in the need of hiring a CFO, helping them lead their way to success. This is the time when CPA firms look for hiring a CFO in-house or to even outsource the CFO services. Needless to say, it is a great value-add to the suite of services you offer your clients. And it’s only around this time when CPAs and CPA firm owners start considering CFO services, either by incorporating someone into the team or by outsourcing the entire function.

Making accurate and profitable financial decisions has become crucial in this increasingly complex financial market. While hiring a CFO can be expensive, you can minimize your business expenses by leveraging our outsourced CFO services. Sometimes work influx may not be consistent throughout the year, for you to consider hiring a full time CFO. The insights and the strategies given by a CFO are vital for business planning, budgeting and cash forecasting.

Outsourced CFO services from Bikham are beyond simple financial solutions. Delivering strategic and insightful financial analysis for effective business planning, the team at Bikham ensures maximum growth and performance. We offer accurate and detailed financial reporting, as well as management and strategy resources that a CFO offers as part of our profitable financial accounting services.

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Below are some of the CFO services that we provide to prospective CPAs and CPA firms across the US.

  • Accounting Records Maintenance.
  • Budgeting & Financial Analysis.
  • Financial and Cash Flow Projections.
  • Risk Assessment and addressing KPIs.
  • Cost Management and Compliance.
  • Audit Support and Reporting.

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We collaborate with businesses to learn their expectations out of a CFO and offer customized services driven solely towards accelerating revenue and the growth of their business.

For CPA Firms, if an in-house CFO isn’t an option, Bikham Finance could be the best, and cost-effective method to ensure your firm is always in the pink of its financial health.

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