A proven methodology for an organized and smooth transition! As soon as you contact Bikham, we get your firm up and transacting as quickly as possible. A dedicated account manager will collaborate with your team to identify your requirements and gather all required information. Our team will prepare a plan specific to your needs after discussing over the form.

All you need to do is share the files like statements, checks, etc. through a dedicated cloud storage link, and share your requirements via a spreadsheet. Our accounting manager will then take it from here, rest assured we’ll deliver the best.


Citrix ShareFile

A dedicated cloud storage link for you to upload files. Any statements, QuickBooks backups, checks, etc are to be sent here.


Workflow Spreadsheet

You then update very basic information related to the job on a shared spreadsheet that is assigned to your firm. This spreadsheet essentially helps in monitoring the life-cycle of the job assigned.



As an extension to you firm, we realize that effective communication is the key to doing this right. So your Dedicated Accounting Manager ensures that all the information is gathered to accomplish the job assigned. He is also your primary connect when it comes to picking up and dialing up for a question you have.

Are the routine accounting tasks eating up most of your time?

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Secure Data Transfer and Storage

You do not have to worry about data security when you partner with Bikham.

Data transfer takes place securely through encrypted channels so you can be sure of complete confidentiality of your sensitive accounts information. Our ISO 27001:2013 certification, stands a testament to it.

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Associations & Accreditations

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