Reconciliation in accounting is one of the key procedures to maintain accurate accounting and bookkeeping for businesses. A ledger reconciled according to GAAP norms of accounting, functions as a cornerstone to understand the financial status, and helps snap out inefficiencies in records.

Bikham Finance offers outsourced accounts reconciliation services so that you are aware of your business’s performance and take well calculated steps to ensure maximum profitability.

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The reconciliation services that we provide are

  • Bank Accounts and Credit Card Reconciliation.
  • Customer and Vendor Statements Reconciliation.
  • Payroll Statements Reconciliation.

Bank Accounts and Credit Card Reconciliation

As a business owner yourself, you know the true value of numbers in business.

Reconciling credit card statements with your bank statements at the end of each month can be time-consuming, tedious, and complicated. But, accurate bank and card reconciliation services are a must, to keep track of business performance and gain a clear perspective of where your organization stands financially. Bikham Finance caters to your needs and help you add value to the business.

Outsourcing bank reconciliation services is a wise decision, as you can save time, effort, costs and resources.

Bikham Finance can help you achieve the following goals easily

  • Snap out discrepancies in business transactions and records.
  • Analyze business performance and its financial standing.
  • Reduce cash in suspense accounts and control cash flow.
  • Easily identify, track and resolve discrepancies within the business.
  • Gain a deeper insight into the current state of business finances.
  • Exercise proper credit control with details of all the outstanding checks and deposits.

The team has the required experience and expertise in offering a comprehensive range of bank and card reconciliation services, including

  • Reconciling bank statements with the records maintained by your business.
  • Reconciling vendor invoices with your general buyer ledger.
  • Reconciling internal records with customer credit card statements.
  • Reconciling internal financial records with bank statements.

We believe in developing a complete understanding of your business at the initial level itself. While outsourcing your bank and card reconciliation services to Bikham Finance, you can be assured of superior solutions that cater to your requirements.

Customer & Vendor Reconciliations

Reconciliations are considered a major pain area by most business owners. Keeping in mind the wide scope of businesses, customer and vendor reconciliation is important to always stay informed of the financial performance and fill the gaps in revenue structure. It may become difficult to establish control if the accounts are not properly reconciled at regular intervals.

Bikham Finance offers customer & vendor reconciliation services to help businesses in appropriate and regular reconciliation of accounts by deploying proper controls at just the right place.

Our reconciliation services include

  • Cleaning up and validating accounts for audits.
  • Settling complete accounts receivables.
  • Eliminating mass write-offs from vendor statement reconciliation.
  • Accurate matching of credits and debits.
  • Vendor Accounts and Ledger Maintenance.
  • Customer Accounts and Ledger Maintenance.
  • Vendor bills processing and verification.

We are the innovators and specialists with the required expertise across a vast range of accounting services. Reduce your business’s operational costs and increase the operational efficiency with our team allowing you to focus on core competencies.

We understand the need of regular accounts reconciliation, and make sure you never miss a beat!

Payroll Statements Reconciliation

As an individual entrepreneur or a business owner, payroll can be one of your biggest expenses. Therefore, it is important that you run payroll and record the expenses in books correctly.

Reconciling payroll statements require comparison with outside documentation. Obtaining bank statements, running a trial balance report, and investigating differences requires a great deal of attention. Bikham Finance works majorly on these things to take into account all expenses and taxes paid.

The team carries out deep analysis on expenses and investigation on liabilities that reflect in the general ledger to regulate them.

We ensure that

  • Accurate balances reflect in the general ledger.
  • Accounting errors are rectified timely.
  • Salary expenses and gross pay transactions are recorded.
  • Tax Expenses accounts is bifurcated.
  • Balances in other payroll related ledgers are confirmed.

Regular payroll reconciliation offers consistent and precise accounts data that can be used in effective business decision making. This helps businesses ensure greater work efficiency with a higher return of assets.

We help businesses in reducing their administrative burden of pulling reports and putting it together to have a complete outlook of their financials. Our team works to-

  • Eliminate errors associated with importing, exporting, and organizing data between multiple, disparate systems.
  • Decrease compliance risks arising out of errors in information
  • Increase efficiency with real-time updates between timekeeping and payroll.
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