Real Estate

Real Estate is undoubtedly an industry prone to more financial risks, attention and of course more profit. But, this industry has its own pro and con factors involving in costs, variables and clientele interest, due to which it requires a little extra planning and careful analysis. Most of the activities in this business are time-consuming and require an effective operational control over the project execution.

For businesses pertaining to real estate, it is important that they invest in a strong real estate accounting team that helps them control cost, reduce expenses and improve service terms with the stakeholders and other clients.

Bikham Finance can help real estate businesses improvise control and therefore enhance operational efficiency through efficient and cost-effective accounting practices.

We can help real estate business owners in

  • Correct classification of costs
  • Separating personal expenses with the business ones.
  • Keeping business and cash expense records immaculate.

Our team of certified professional accountants and bookkeepers offer assistance with

  • Invoice and payment processing.
  • Review and reconciliation of customer and vendor balances.
  • Recording rent receipt on a regular basis.
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable aging report.
  • Cash flow management and general ledger maintenance.
  • Payroll Processing and Set-up.
  • Payroll Tax Calculation and filing.

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Hotels and Restaurants

The restaurant and hospitality industry aims to enhance business by reducing costs, improving quality and customer satisfaction. Running a busy restaurant means you might not get time to manage things effectively. Managing staff, processing vendor payments, keeping the books and managing the inventory can take a toll on your mental and professional peace. Adding to the hassle are the daily operations and accounting responsibilities.

Bikham Finance can help you keep your books up to date and accounts immaculate. Our experienced and certified professional accountants understands your business requirements and provide solutions accordingly. Having a great experience in working with small and large hotel and restaurant business owners we offer the most profitable and cost-effective accounting and bookkeeping solutions.

Services offered

  • Recording daily Sales and Expenses
  • Recording Customer Receipts
  • Invoice Processing and Approval
  • Vendor Payment Processing
  • Monthly and Year End Accounts Reconciliation
  • Collections Management
  • Cash flow management and general ledger maintenance.
  • Payroll Processing and Set-up.
  • Payroll Tax Calculation and filing.

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Retail and E-Commerce

Being the fastest growing and most happening sector, Retail and e-Commerce is also the most competitive segment in market. This competition drives merchants to have a consistently profitable approach of constantly monitoring the market trends. However, saying and actually doing are two different things. With increased business responsibilities and legal scrutiny, it becomes difficult to practice everything simultaneously with equal attention.

E-Commerce merchants may face challenges like managing the accounting, analyzing the business expenses, revenue and taking care of customer needs and satisfaction at the same time. All these responsibilities may take their time away from focusing on key areas.

Fortunately, Bikham Finance offers expert accounting and bookkeeping services to retail and e-commerce business holders that help them run business processes profitably.

Our expert accounting and bookkeeping services for the retail and e-commerce industry include

  • Recording Sales from POS and e-commerce platforms.
  • Recording and verifying vendor bills.
  • General Ledger Maintenance.
  • Regular bank accounts and credit cards reconciliation.
  • Keeping records of the inventory stock.
  • Vendor Payment Processing.
  • Margin break-up and expenses analysis.
  • Cash Flow Reporting.
  • Detailed reports on key business parameters.

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The most sensitive and yet another prominent industry in the market is Healthcare. The industry has a vast scope and requires effective management especially in terms of administrative operations like accounting and bookkeeping. It is important to know that the modes of accounting in this industry segment change frequently. With a rise in operational costs, managing the cost and income balances properly is the only way to achieve profits.

Having zero scope of compromising with the quality of services, there is also no scope of compromising with the numbers. Healthcare Practitioners spend a huge portion of their daily time managing records and finances. Keeping a track of inventory is vital in this sector, or it may cost a life. Managing inventory of such businesses is challenging and that’s where we play our role, helping them keep accurate record of services and inventory in stock.

Bikham Finance assists healthcare providers maintain an adequate accounting system thereby reducing operational costs, increasing profits, saving time and optimizing business processes effortlessly.

Services offered

  • Invoice and payment processing.
  • Recording medical transactions.
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable aging report.
  • Cash flow management and general ledger maintenance.
  • Payroll Processing and Set-up.
  • Online payment approval.
  • Merchant Deposit Reconciliation.
  • Cash Forecasting and reporting.
  • Detailed general ledger report.
  • Fixed asset accounts management.
  • Checks Sequencing.
  • Balance sheet Reconciliation.
  • Payroll Tax calculation and filing.
  • Payroll reconciliation with quarterly returns.

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Shipping and Logistics

The shipping and logistics industry serves as a lifeline to the trade market and the national economy as well. The transportation business faces routine challenges as the industry operates in conjunction with all types of businesses like manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, healthcare and tourism.

With a rise in fuel costs and capital expenditure, it has become important to focus in growth of business and emphasize on developing profitable business strategies. One such strategy for operational cost reduction is outsourcing. Bikham Finance caters to all business accounting and bookkeeping requirements and helps boost input costs and revenue through tailored solutions and improved operational efficiency.

Our team handles the following responsibilities

  • Order Management and Billing.
  • Accounts Payable and Disbursal Management.
  • Driver Logs, Credit Cards and Bank Accounts Reconciliation.
  • AR Analysis.
  • Categorizing receivables and preparing action plan.
  • Management Reporting.
  • Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Balance Sheets Preparation.
  • General Ledger Maintenance.
  • Inter-Company Adjustment Entries.
  • Fixed Asset Register Maintenance.

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Agriculture is one of the prime industries of the world. Growing crops, raising cattle, encompassing farms, dairies, hatcheries, logging wood, etc. is a lot more than it seems. It is important to maintain proper records of accounts for analysis, research and improvement of agricultural processes.

Agriculture is generally practiced by farmers who have no experience in the accounting domain. Bikham Finance is dedicated to assist farmers by helping them maintain adequate inputs and deal with the factors that affect their capital. We offer help in classifying accounts to ascertain crop costs, compare productivity and measure performance & effectiveness of related activities.

Our team at Bikham Finance helps alleviate challenges that arise out of resource and budget allocations.

Some of the outsourced accounting services that they offer are

  • Identification of agricultural charts of accounts.
  • Calculation of output and input as per grazing livestock.
  • Output ratio, stock rates, yields and price calculation.
  • Recording and Verifying vendor bills.
  • Month-end or year-end closing entries.
  • Posting supplier invoices and payment processing.
  • Vendor balance review and reconciliation.
  • Accounts Payable aging report.
  • Recording bank receipt on monthly basis.
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report.
  • Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Cash Flow Statements.
  • Balance Sheet Reporting.
  • Location wise inventory report.
  • Variance analysis.
  • Farm-wise costing.
  • Farm wise input-output analysis ratio.
  • Payroll Setup and Calculations.
  • Payroll tax calculations and filing.

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The manufacturing segment takes over a large portion of industrial sector. Accounting for manufacturing sector involves inventory evaluation and costing of products and services. This is the complex part of manufacturing accounting. Keeping records of the raw material and sale numbers requires an adept accounting system in place.

Bikham Finance helps manufacturing businesses deal with the challenges in accounting, thereby allowing them more time to focus on growing client relations. Our team consists of experienced accounting professionals, who have their expertise in manufacturing accounting including cost accounting and inventory accounting.

Some of the profitable accounting solutions we offer to our clients include

  • Setting up the charts of accounts.
  • Alteration and finalization of inventory.
  • Recommending and performing suitable tracking/class category.
  • Apportionment of raw material, labor, electricity, and other expenses.
  • Data collection from the procurement department.
  • Communicating control points for improved internal control system.
  • Recording business transactions.
  • Bank Accounts and Credit Card Reconciliation.
  • Cost, Variance, Break-Even and Overhead Analysis.
  • Payroll Setup and Preparation.
  • Payroll Taxes Calculation and Filing.

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