In this competitve business environment, business owners need a professional financial advisor to help them analyze and advise on their financial plans. An individual who can assist a business through this, can be a real asset to your firm.

Outsourced CFO services from Bikham Finance can help you get the best of what you would expect from a financial advisor at the most competitive rates.

We offer a customized and completely flexible service model which means you only pay for what you actually want to get done.

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Our profitable CFO services include:

  • Virtual CFO Services.
  • Specific Purpose CFO Services.
  • Capital Budgeting and Planning Services.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Services.

Virtual CFO Services

Being in the highly competitive market segment, you are always looking for ways to cut down on costs that take a heavy toll on your business. Having an in-house CFO might be a great idea but is expensive in the long run, especially when you are running a small business or have just started up. Our Virtual CFO services cater to your complete CFO needs and are designed to prove beneficial for your business.

The CFO team at Bikham Finance can be the best option for you.

Our team consisting of experts, serves as a financial consultant for businesses that require a CFO for a short duration of time. We understand the challenges faced by businesses and help them overcome the situation effectively.

We overview your financial processes and offer advices on how they can be optimized for greater revenue generation. We also provide periodic, month-end or weekly reports for you to monitor the financial performance and take wise business decisions.

Our Virtual CFO sessions can be customized from 2 hours a week to 40 hours a week. This flexible service model helps you keep your CFO costs under control and the quality of work always enriching and profitable.

Specific Purpose CFO Services

There may be times, when you may be handling several business projects at the same time. This may place pressure on your in-house CFOs who may feel it difficult to deal with the work pressure. There may also be cases when you existing CFO lacks certain skills and is unable to interpret business information pertaining to a specific area.

Bikham Finance can help you in all of such situations where you can feel helpless. We work with businesses of all sizes helping them add that extra 1% effort needed to make a difference.

The services that we offer as a part of specific purpose CFO services are

  • Capital Budgeting & Resources Planning.
  • Financial Budgeting & Forecasting.
  • Cash Flow & Working Capital Management.
  • Accounting Health Check Services.
  • Accounting Policy & Procedures Preparation.
  • Risk management & Internal Controls Consulting.

We offer our profitable Special Purpose CFO Services to businesses of all sizes, helping them accomplish business tasks effectively. Our team of expert CFOs work with your team to expedite tasks assigned under a minimum possible time frame.

Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

Business owners allocate resources based on a budget prepared according to business requirements. Preparing a budget gives a clear idea of the resources that need to be allocated for a said period. A budget can be prepared annually, monthly or quarterly helping make calculated business purchase decisions.

Bikham Finance offers effective financial budgeting and forecasting services to make businesses stand out among the competition and beat the capital barriers. Our team emphasizes on preparing a fruitful budget by forecasting future market trends and utilizing past business data.

Our financial budgeting and forecasting services help businesses integrate strategic planning with assorted budgets and compare the forecasted results with the actual ones. Our accounting professionals provide complete assistance on financial budgeting and forecasting.

Our services can help you in the following ways

  • Provide actionable information for effective decision making.
  • Identify unexpected issues for remedial actions.
  • Quick identification and utilization of potential opportunities.

Capital Budgeting and Planning

Managing financial health is important. And, one of the best ways to stay fit fiscally, is letting an expert control the cash flow in and from your bank account on a monthly or annual basis. With unique understanding of the components that make up the cash flow process, and choices that are appropriate for an overall annual financial plan, we offer profitable cash flow planning services to benefit your business in the long run.

Bikham Finance provides you with the expertise and long-term commitment to help develop and maintain the most cost-effective, efficient cash flow management system possible. A good cash flow management system can improve profits, reduce expenses, protect assets and improve internal functions.

Positive cash flow does not come by chance - it demands work. Bikham Finance has helped many individual, small and medium sized businesses grow and be more stable with smarter cash flow management techniques. Outsourcing cash flow management services to a professional service provider like Bikham Finance is a viable option for businesses that are on a look out for profitable outsourced accounting services.

Our Capital Budgeting and Planning Services include the following

  • Tracking Accounts Payables and Receivables.
  • Understanding business requirements with bank and credit card statements.
  • Detailed Review to determine financial position.
  • Strategic Cash Planning and Analysis.
  • Demonstration of collection process improvement methods.
  • Short and Long-Term Cash Flow Planning.

Make important business decisions effectively. Choose Bikham Finance.

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