How to grow in the ever-competitive cloud accounting environment?

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Ever felt like your clients are slow in adapting to new accounting technology? If yes, you might also have felt reluctant to move your practice to new cloud accounting technologies.

Ever felt like your clients are slow in adapting to new accounting technology? If yes, you might also have felt reluctant to move your practice to new cloud accounting technologies.

Truth is, a majority of accounting firms, small business owners and consumers are now moving to cloud technology at a pace much faster than ever.

With the change in consumer and small business behavior, many potential clients are starting to rely more and more on technology. Businesses nowadays, wish to utilize all of the technological advancements that we are seeing in the finance and accounting services industry.

Having “I do not trust the cloud” sort of thought process can push your practice down. Sure, your clients want to continue working exactly as they have been so far, but this is something not very acceptable as per the present business environment.

With this rapid change, business owners are left with two choices- either adapt to this change or be left behind. And we are sure most of you would agree with the former.

Here we have compiled some information about ways your business of finance and accounting services can make a distinction.

Cleaning up your cloud presence

The very first step toward telling your clients that you are keeping up with the modern trends from a technological standpoint is ensuring that the online/cloud presence of your business is secure, consistent, modern, and effectively showcases the services you offer.

Whether through a blog, regular email newsletters, a website, secure client information portals, social media pages, or building high topic authority, you cannot represent a “firm of the future” if the digital footprint says otherwise.

Generating revenue

Every day, new buzzwords in technology keep popping up. But one that easily sums up all of these technological developments is “the cloud.”

Though many get annoyed with the overuse of this phrase, the significance of this term cannot be denied in the case of professionals in the tax and accounting services industry. The cloud is one of the huge family of the Internet of things. It includes the software/services that run on the internet, instead of locally on a computer.

The good news is, businesses belonging to all sectors and not just tech, can make use of this all-powerful cloud technology to set up cloud-based small business platforms, and welcome clients to join them using the online onboarding tools. For security purposes, an SSL certificate and an HTTPS domain can be acquired that delivers additional security to their information.

Focus on growth

We at Bikham hear it from thousands of our clients in the tax and accounting services industry, about how overwhelmed they feel, especially during the tax season. Even the pros in accounting often mention that they are far too bogged down with the accounting and bookkeeping work to dedicate any time to focus on business growth.

At the same time, building a reputation should be a focus, especially for the “business of the future.” This aspect of your business should not be ignored. Make sure to maintain consistent contact with your clients throughout the year.

The final word

While all that goes into being an accounting firm of the future may seem like a lot of work, the sooner you take these steps, the more your business will grow in the finance and accounting services industry. If you are not sure where to start from, our expert accountants at Bikham Finance can help. Contact us on 1-800-780-1924, or you may send us an inquiry on We’re here to help.

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